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Cloud Hosting and Monitoring

Cloud Hosting and monitoring may seem like they’re just something that magically happens in the background that requires little to no management. But they’re not. They’re a very important piece to your site’s security, restore capabilities, and performance. Our top of the line hosting services take these things seriously so that our website customers never have to worry about their websites. To accomplish this, we rely heavily on server and database monitoring tools to keep things peak performing.

Hosting Services

Our cloud monitoring tools track all of the following services:

  • security firewall monitoring,
  • backups and recovery,
  • performance tuning reports,
  • elastic sizing panels,
  • 24/7 monitoring status,
  • error tracking and tracing panels,
  • site staging and migration panels,
  • cPanel and FTP access version control,
  • domain registration information,
  • SSL certificate information,
  • email service reports,
  • and much much more.


If our clients websites expand/contract often, we adjust their sizing parameters to make sure they are only paying for what they need at the time. This service can save our clients a great deal of expense if they frequently have varying amounts of data in store. So, we regularly check the reports to ensure we are being efficient.

Performance Tuning

We run performance test regularly to prevent any undetected slowing. That’s so that our clients websites are always performing well and giving their customers a good user experience while on the site. The resulting reports help us to pinpoint any issues.

Spam and Security Hack Prevention

We have several levels of security walls to prevent hacking and security violations because it is so important to protect sensitive data. We also keep our grey and black filters set high to prevent email or blog spamming.

All these things are critical to keeping a website running well. Good hosting goes beyond security, backups and performance. And cloud hosting and monitoring are key to good hosting.

Full Stack Programmers

Most of our programmers are full stack. This means they are not only capable of writing code and administering databases, but they are also capable of working with the servers to fine tune performance, loads and security tasks. This skill level allows us to respond to all things quickly, efficiently and with quality. Monitoring tools help us achieve this.

Today, most hosting server related processes are easily monitored and traced for trouble shooting.

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