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SEO Management

Build an Online Reputation

Through our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management efforts, we establish and maintain your online business reputation. To achieve this, we employ our exceptional analytical skills, research hours and guidance tools. We do so because we know that a positive reputation drives organic traffic to your site that will hopefully translate to lots of new customers.

Necessary Tasks

Here is a list of the tasks we focus on to build on that reputation:

  • build you a well structured, programmed, content proofed, image tagged, link loaded, organized, error free and fast website
  • install a customer registration function on your website linked to an email marketing database
  • setup your Google for Business account
  • collect and add good ratings on your Google for Business account and other online directories
  • setup your social network accounts and establish some followers
  • setup your You Tube channel and establish some followers
  • register you on several business and community directory registrations
  • encourage references from external blog posts that link to your site
  • setup and post to a blog on your website
  • build and submit email marketing campaigns
  • build and run ads with Google, Facebook and other socials
  • drive extra traffic to your site through physical promotions, referrals and marketing

Google Score

Once we’ve finished this process, Google will formulate an opinion as to how worthy your business is. That means they’ll give your website a ranking score. That score, when done right, will place you on the first page for most searches that are for your businesses products or services. This will put you a big step ahead of your competition.


The tools we generally use to do this work include Google Analytics & Search Console, SEMRush and MOZ. They provide great insights, recommendations and reporting.

SEO Management is well worth its weight in gold! The more time and effort you invest in this, the higher the returns. This is one of the few measurable activities you will do to increase sales.

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