Online Branding

It’s important to think about how your business image is perceived online. What design elements do you use there to provide brand recognition? Additionally you want to make sure you are consistent with the same online branding strategy across mediums – not just your website.

We review your current online branding strategy: logos, slogans, business cards, marketing material, ad designs and promotional materials to determine what would be best for your website. Colours, styles, fonts, etc. all come into play.

If you already have a brand strategy, great! If not, let us help you create one.

We generally use the site to get a logo competition going on your behalf. It costs around $400 to get about 50 designs to chose from. It’s well worth it, too. Once finished they provide the selected logo in all image formats to be used on your business cards, email signatures, ads, brochures, postcards, flyers, posters, trade show booths, promotional items, vehicles signage, etc. It’s well worth the time and effort.

In the process of designing your logo, you will have decided what colour pallet you want. That’s great. We will then use that colour scheme throughout your website to further that brand image online.

A professional logo and branding strategy will speak volumes about your company’s professional intent. It build trust, respect and often sales volume. So, invest in this right up front and benefit in the long run.

Your website is your online brochure. Make sure all of your branding here is professional and consistent with all your other marketing and promotional material.

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