Basic Design & Setup

Initial Discussions

The Basic Design & Setup of your website requires some work up front. First, we work with you to discuss your business, your corporate culture, your client base and your targeted demographics. We then go over your current marketing strategy with you including your intended growth plans, your delivery capacity and budget. Following that, we brain storm with you and discuss different approaches to your basic design. During this process, we’ll start to drive out ideas, expectations, branding goals and a timeline.

Start Gathering

Once we have collected all this information, considered it, and confirmed your priorities resulting from it, then we define the pages required for your site and their basic design layout, the navigation and menus, the collection of content and images, the contact info, and anything exceptional such as videos, animations, online sales, online memberships, event calendars, etc. We also collect your social and analytical account details and incorporate them where necessary within your site.

Start Composing Pages

Determining your write-ups and images are also key factors to deciding what design and setup to use. If you haven’t already done this, take some time to research your competition. Write up your key services or products. Take pictures or find stock image websites that you can buy photos from. Then pair them up. Each page should be written clearly, concisely and without spelling and grammar errors. Each page should also have at least one photo.

All these pieces are important in determining what the right approach is for the design and setup of your website. So, discussions up front are critical.

Know what you are intending from your website BEFORE laying out the basic design. Understand what it can do for you and what it cannot do for you. Learn how to leverage it after it is built to capture leads, increase sales and expand your business.

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