Basic Design & Setup – Initial Discussions

The foundational aspects of designing and setting up your website require initial discussions. We commence by engaging with you to understand your business, corporate culture, client base, and targeted demographics. Subsequently, we delve into your current marketing strategy, including growth plans, delivery capacity, and budget considerations. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, we explore various available approaches to your basic design, extracting ideas, expectations, branding goals, and establishing a timeline.

Curating Fundamental Design Ideas

Upon collecting, considering, and confirming your priorities, we define the pages needed for your site, their basic design layout, navigation and menus, content and image collection, contact information, and any exceptional features like videos, animations, online sales, memberships, event calendars, and more. We also gather your social and analytical account details, seamlessly incorporating them where necessary within your site.

Initiating Basic Design & Setup via Page Organization

Determining your content, images, and write-ups plays a pivotal role in shaping the design and setup. Researching your competition, outlining key services or products, capturing images, and ensuring clear, concise, error-free content for each page are crucial steps. Each page is carefully crafted to include compelling visuals and articulate messaging. All these elements collectively contribute to determining the most suitable approach for your website’s design and setup. Hence, upfront discussions are paramount.

In Conclusion

Central Alberta Web Development, Inc., dedicated to serving the Calgary area, specializes in website design and setup services with a robust emphasis on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Commencing with a comprehensive consultation, we guide clients in domain name registration and recommend suitable hosting packages. Our expert team meticulously designs websites, focusing on layout, color schemes, and seamless content integration, all while prioritizing effective SEO strategies. Rigorous testing guarantees functionality and responsiveness, ensuring a professional online presence optimized for search engines—a significant advantage for clients in the Calgary area.

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