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Emails Alerts Texts Notices

Staying in touch with customers, members, staff, etc. is sometimes challenging for a business. Often the best solution is to automate functions such as emails, alerts, texts, notices, chats and various other forms of instant communication to solve this once and for all. We achieve this automation through batch email submissions, email alerts, text alerts, chat functions and even phone apps connected to your database.

We work with our customers to determine the best solution to each communication need. Sometimes we implement these functions through free plugins. Other times we license software to implement the functions quickly. Other times, we accomplish it through writing minor custom code.

We emphasize the importance of considering your hosting services when contemplating these functions. Automated communications require highly available and reliable hosting services. Our hosting services fit that bill. So, we implement these at the same time that we host your website. And we manage it at the same time, too.

Also we install the required database to store and access the member contact information. We collect this information through online registrations that we implement on the website. The forms used to collect this data are customized to include all the information needed such as names, emails, phone numbers, or addresses. We work with our customers to design these specifically for their needs. At the same time we install and configure the necessary components and API’s required to integrate all the pieces.

So, when considering your website design, please think through all the opportunities to automate, including communications. And please take seriously, how much it reduces overhead costs, makes your users happy and helps the business overall to keep the conversations going.

A website provides the unique opportunity to communicate with staff, customers, partners, subscribers and so on through emails, alerts, texts, notices or chats.

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