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Internet and Email Ad Campaigns

Internet and email ad campaigns can really drive customers to your site to help increase sales. All you need to accomplish this is a little preparation. Your website needs to have some form of customer registration available. If you sell online this is already done. If you don’t, then you can setup a customer registration function that promises something in exchange. For example, you can offer to send monthly discounts, promos, etc. if they register with you.

You will also need an interface from your website database to a separate third party email marketing service. We recommend Mail Chimp. It’s easy to interface to and it’s reasonably priced.

Once you accumulate enough customer registrations you can start considering email campaigns on a regular basis. This helps to keep your business top-of-mind. Your campaigns may include offers or news about new arrivals, featured products, discounts, sales and so on.

If you feel you’d like to grow this database of customers quickly, you can run internet ads with Google or Facebook with links back to your site registration function. The idea is to capture as many customer registrations as possible while you have the opportunity. Hopefully they will also make a purchase while they’re on your site. If not, you can try again later through an email campaign.

If you already have a customer database in another format, that can be imported into your customer registration database, too. This way you have all your customers in one place and email campaigns will cover a larger population.

The combination of internet and email ad campaigns will help your business grow quickly and your sales along with it.

Business owners should be constantly building up their customer database. They should be using internet and email ad campaigns to help accomplish this.

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