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Website CMS

Website CMS is also know as a website Content Management System. They are editors that allow web administrators to manage their web content once the site is implemented. This includes updating of websites pages, posts, settings, images, titles and more. It’s useful for those tasks that don’t require special programming skills.

CMS’s are normally easy to learn and simple to use. There are many online training videos on the internet for each. This allows a web administrator to become as proficient as they wish.

Most website CMS systems include edit ability access to the menu, the footers and headers, the page titles, the sidebars, and the pages and posts. The page and post editors allow web administrators to change page text, page images and a few other page features.

Online e-commerce websites use the CMS to do catalogue updates. Shop administrators use it to add, change, delete products/services regularly. The CMS allows them to refund, discount and provide copies of invoices to customers. And it allows them to add more images per product. Without it, these task would be very time intensive.

Websites that are blog intensive use CMS to give editors the ability to approve or dismiss comments. Websites that involve customer registrations use CMS for tracking, updating, linking and exporting their customer databases.

After we take your site “live”, we teach you how to manage each page using your website CMS. We log you into a remote training session, turn on the video and then train while recording. After the session is complete, we send you the video for future reference – just in case you forget something.

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