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Mobile Ready Sites

All our websites are mobile ready sites thanks to the “responsive” technologies we use. This means the website pages resize, reorder and reshuffle automatically for every device used to view your website. So, a smart phone reshuffles to show one section. A desktop may show 4 or 5 sections at a time. A laptop might be somewhere in the middle.

Mobile ready sites are a must today because search engines now expect it and make it VERY clear that they will deduct points from your Search Engine ranking if you don’t comply.

Also consider that over 75% of all web traffic no longer uses large desktop computers. Most of this traffic is on their smart phone. So, all websites must be engineered so that they are easily read but still interesting and informative.

Additionally, as 5G enters the world, additional devices will need to be able to access your website. If they are not mobile ready, they will likely fail and you could lose a great deal of opportunity for your business.

In many cases you may minimize the mobile ready sites to just the key information pages. One the larger sites you may include more information and marketing intensity. This is easy to achieve with the tools we use.

To learn more, just google ‘mobile ready sites’ and check out what others are doing. In fact, you may wish to check out your competition, too.

Over half of internet traffic today uses mobile ready devices such as smart phones and tablets. Therefore, it is critical that your website be designed properly for all devices including smart phones and tablets!

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