SEO, AI, Web Design, S/W & Digital Marketing services thru our advanced expert agency management consulting firm in Calgary & Airdrie, AB. Since 2007, Central Alberta Web Development, Inc. has proudly delivered over 350 web projects, employing advanced technologies, e-commerce solutions, advanced SEO methodologies, custom design techniques, and savvy marketing strategies. Our teams are composed of professional, highly educated, and experienced individuals with a proven capability to achieve exceptional results in all these fields.

Why Us?

We understand the critical connection between high traffic and increased sales, making it our ultimate goal. Unlike many designers who focus solely on aesthetics, we delve into the core intentions of your website. Our approach involves fine-tuning every aspect of SEO to ensure your traffic builds rapidly, meeting and exceeding your sales expectations.

Disappointment often arises when websites fail to deliver expected results due to a lack of understanding in advanced business, marketing, SEO and technology principles by inexperienced web designers. Recognizing the importance of not just designing a website but strategically building your company’s online presence and reputation, we bring expertise in all fields required for your website’s success. Navigating the complex online ecosystem, we ensure tangible business benefits, handling everything to ensure your website not only looks good but significantly contributes to boosting your sales.

We serve Calgary, Airdrie and other AB locations.

Boost Sales – How It’s Done

Enhance Customer Experience through Effective Web Design Principles

Our developers craft well-structured websites to catch the attention of search engines. They prioritize aesthetics for customer appeal and optimize speed to maintain search engine visibility. Additionally, we entice customers to sign up on your site for future emails, seamlessly linking these signups to your email marketing system.

Improve Speed & Performance through Optimized Hosting & S/W Coding

When we develop a website for you, we build all code with performance in mind. We also handle hosting to ensure optimal configurations. This includes high-speed settings, peak performance, robust security measures, regular backups, and 24/7 access and uptime to guarantee a seamless online presence. Together, these technical solutions provide optimal speed for your site.

Elevate Customer Satisfaction with Custom Programming for More Options

In cases where standard web designs fall short, custom programming becomes crucial. Our team creates, tests, fine-tunes, and seamlessly integrates custom code into existing standard web designs as another plugin, API, or called module, providing businesses with unique and tailored solutions.

Get SEO AI Web Design S/W & Digital Marketing services thru our advanced expert agency management consulting firm here in in Calgary & Airdrie, AB.

Drive Traffic & Boost Sales with Advanced Digital Marketing & SEO Strategies

After completing your website, we expand your internet presence and optimize SEO, regularly monitoring progress and implementing updates where needed. Our comprehensive approach involves:

Registering with Key Online Platforms:

  • Google My Business to provide quick access to your map location, hours, and contact information.
  • Relevant directories for valuable backlinks to your website.
  • Google Analytics & Search Console for thorough tracking of website visitors and continuous refinement.

Setting Up & Configuring Marketing Tools:

  • Utilizing AI & SEO tools for result monitoring and optimization.
  • Managing Google & Facebook ads for targeted outreach.
  • Establishing accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • Implementing a blog on your website to enhance visibility.

Connecting with Other Service Providers:

  • Integration with Mail Chimp for future email marketing campaigns.
  • Linking to your social networks and business partners for collaborative reach.

Executing Advanced Expert Level SEO for:

  • On-Page SEO to enhance individual page performance.
  • Off-Page SEO for building a robust online presence.
  • Technical SEO for optimal website functionality and structure.

Getting Started

Elevate Your Sales Consultations

Share your details, and we’ll schedule a consultation at your convenience. Consultations are crucial as they provide ample time to delve into the extensive material, comprehend your business needs, and align with your goals. These sessions, lasting about 1-2 hours, are complimentary and commitment-free. While face-to-face meetings are preferred, telephone calls are a viable option.

What to Provide in Advance

For our meeting, whether online or in person, kindly email your website beforehand for a preliminary review. If it’s your inaugural website, include your logo, any existing marketing material, and business plans. This facilitates an understanding of your branding and business objectives. If custom programming is in the picture, bring any predefined requirements or concept charts for discussion.

Our Team’s Availability

With a substantial team of consultants, our availability aligns with your needs and their schedules. Depending on the urgency, we can determine a suitable start time for our collaboration.

Locations Served

Although we specialize in the Airdrie & Calgary areas, we have customers from many locations including the following.

  • Airdrie, AB
  • Calgary, AB
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Lloydminster, AB
  • Sherwood Park, AB
  • Lacombe, AB
  • Red Deer, AB
  • Grand Prairie, AB
  • Lethbridge, AB
  • Medicine Hat, AB
  • Ft McMurray, AB
  • Saskatchewan and BC


Our teams operate on an hourly basis. We establish a plan in advance and offer initial estimates. Generally, we closely adhere to the estimate unless there are alterations to the project scope.