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We have designed a series of Service Offerings that will not only help you build your website but will also increase your sales! And isn’t that why you want a website?

Too often we hear from businesses who are disappointed that their website just is not really showing any benefit to their business. They thought once launched, the phone would start ringing – and did not.

That is because most web designers are exactly that – designers! And they are good at that. But most of them have no experience or interest in the other key aspect of having a website – namely building up the business’s online reputation. Without it, your website does little to increase your sales.

To achieve a killer online reputation, you need skills in working with SEO, Google services, Social Network services, Hosting services, Performance Tools, Analytical Tools, Online Directory services, Blogging, Referrals, Ratings, etc. and all the interfaces among these. It is a complex ecosystem.

That is where we come in. We do all of this. We increase your sales.

1. Web Design

Our programmers build well structured websites so the search engines notice you. They make them pretty so customers notice and speed them up so the search engines keep noticing. Then they entice customers to sign up on your site for future emails and link those signups to your email marketing system.

2. Custom Programming

Sometimes businesses are so unique that off the shelf websites simply won’t do. That’s when custom programming is essential. Our team writes the code, tests it, tunes it and implement its, too. Then they make it fit naturally into your existing site.

3. Web Hosting

When we create a website for you, we also host it. And we manage all the moving parts while you’re sleeping so that it’s always doing what it should: running 24/7, super fast, secure from hackers, backed up and always running current technologies.



4. Online Marketing

And finally, we build out your internet presence, monitor its progress and make updates regularly, where necessary, by doing the following things for you business.


Registering with

  1. Google My Business so people can quickly get your map location, hours, contact info and so on
  2. Relevant directories who can then link to your website
  3. Google Analytics & Search Console so we can track all your website visitors and fine tune

Setting Up of

  1. SEO tools to monitor results and tweak them
  2. Google & Facebook ads
  3. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts
  4. Blog on your website to get even more attention.

Linking to

  1. Mail Chimp for future email marketing campaigns
  2. Your social networks
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