Yes!  We have a standard process that we use throughout each project to ensure that you are aware of the steps, resource requirements, responsibilities, costs and timelines.  Let us tell you the specifics.


We'd like to tell you all the details of our many projects.  But instead, we'll show you ten of our best last year.  And we'll list the others so you can check at your convenience with our clients to verify our quality workmanship.


Since 2007, we've worked with well over 100 clients in this area. We've earned our reputation for being good business partners.  Let our clients tell you that in their own words.


We've been told by several clients that our pricing is the best in Red Deer, year over year.  I guess that's because we're efficient.  We don't need to charge more.


There are so many reasons why you should chose us over others when  selecting a partner for your website project. We'd like to share that  in detail.

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We offer FREE website assessment and advice for future strategy based on evaluating what you currently have and have not.  Just send us an email with your website address is and we’ll give it a quick assessment and tell you what our recommendations are to freshen it up, bring it up to speed with current technology, make it perform better marketing on your behalf and anything else we observe.   If you are good with our recommendations, we can schedule a FREE 1 hour in office consultation to come up with a plan.  No obligation to any of this.  We just want to help you do what’s right – and in that process show off our skills in “all things web”. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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What we do - How we do it - Why we do it - When we do it

Central Alberta Web Development, Inc is a Sylvan Lake, AB based Web Design and Custom Programming business.  We were incorporated in 2007 and have provided well over 100 custom designs to small businesses throughout Canada.  Most of our work is in the Central Alberta region with about 10% elsewhere.  About 80% of our business is Web Design with about 20% custom programming of more complicated online s/w applications.  We work with  7 other programmers on an as needed basis. These programmers are well versed in CSS, HTML, PHP, Ajax, JQuery, .net, java, MSQL, and a wide range of web support software as well as mobile application programming systems. 

In 2012, we also applied and were granted  Red Deer Web Design and Red Deer Web Development as registered trade names of Central Alberta Web development, Inc.  We did so in order to have 3 websites online at all times to show our customers the wide range of web styles we work with.  Please check these sites out, too. 

The business is owned and operated by Nancy Pollreis - a resident of Central Alberta for over 15 years now. Nancy manages most projects from start to finish.  She has a background in Software Engineering and Management Information Systems.  She worked for 20+ years as a consultant in S/W architecture in both US and Canada.  She lived in the US for 16 of those years. She has a BSc and an MBA. She is strong in both technology and business.  She applies these skills in helping clients define their website requirements and in working with them throughout the project to manage everything to full completion.  She is reliable, diligent and thorough.  You can count on her and her team.  Please read our testimonials to hear what others have to say.

Below is a detailed look at what our company does, how we do it, why we do it and when we do it.  We hope this helps you understand why we are the right partners for your project.  Thanks.


  Dynamic web site re-sizing across ALL devices and browsers.

Tiles stack and re-stack depending on the size of your browser window. The results are that your website is properly proportioned on all devices for easy readability. We do both static and responsive web designs. 



Responsive web design is becoming a critical part of the overall design process. This is due to the overwhelming stats on device usage the past couple of years. There's no denying that the mobile devices are becoming the preferred method of accessing info online, now.  So, we make sure your website is mobile enabled.  Responsive design is the best way to accomplish this and definitely the future direction.


  Professional web site design layout and presentation.

We will talk to you about your business, research your competition, review your images, review your existing marketing material and branding elements, review your old website, and ask you more questions.  Then, using the rules of good design layout (as noted below) and the knowledge of your business, we will help you design your master piece. Remember to provide us a good quality graphic logo, color palette, font name and slogan.  If you don't have these, ask us to assist you in designing one. 

The use of professional page layout design rules and topography will make a big difference in how your content is presented.  Your job will be to collect the content (images, words, drawings, testimonials, downloadable documents, etc).  Our job will be to put it all together for your site OR guide you in doing it yourself through your Content Management System (CMS).


Organized and appealing web site content layout.


We'll plan the placement  of your content with the help of a table grid system. This will make it much more appealing to readers. We'll use spacing between content areas appropriately - always remembering the importance of white space.  Sometimes, less is more.  Where the budget permits, we'll suggest using a theme for Word Press.  This can really help to achieve our design goals - and keeping the design elements consistent across the site.


Spicing up the web site content.








We'll occasionally use vector based graphics, illustrations, animations, photo shopped images, and various other design elements to add character to the site. The examples above (taken from the web) help to illustrate some of the many possibilities.  We find that if you use a Word Press theme (which can sometimes be boring - but efficient), we can always spice it up with other elements to give it the character or dramatic effects you're wanting. 

When adding color graphics to the site, we'll use a color palette to help guide the selection of colors throughout the site. We'll also advise you on the photos to use on your site. Good quality is very important.

Graphic effects are also a great way of adding pizzazz to a site. There are numerous slide show, gallery and animation plugins available across the web. 


Loading/updating/deleting content on your website pages.


We'll recommend and use a CMS that has a good online editor that's easy to understand and has the advanced functions we'll need to layout your site content professionally and to edit it quickly and easily later. This will be a big time saver - and cost saver!

There are numerous CMS's on the market.  Finding one that allows for total flexibility in terms of graphic layout, graphic effects, typographical effects, resizing of pages for all devices, image management, and any other kind of "custom" effect can be daunting without the help of a professional.  We'll discuss your project and help you determine the best choice. 

We use mostly Word Press and WEW because we want our clients to have the flexibility of using both or either.  Word Press can be a bit more complicated to learn - but there are thousands of themes available which make it highly attractive as a CMS.  As a note, WordPress is now being used on 20% of the websites across the web.  So, we know they're going to be around for a while. WEW is simpler and can be completely customized - but it can be expensive.  Regardless, we'll work with you to determine which is most suitable for your project.  

We are highly skilled in CSS & HTML which means that regardless of the CMS you chose, we can customize a large portion of the design elements across your site without too much trouble. 


Keeping your site ranked high on a search.

SEO is the best way to get your return on investment for your site.  You use it to position yourself with the search engines.  You want your site to be easily found online. In order to do so, we'll need to do some work with SEO.  The key to helping us do this efficiently is for you to understand and identify what words, phrases or questions your potential customers will be using to search for you or your competition online.  Once you've determined these, we'll work with them to get you in a strong position in the rankings.

It's important that your web site be designed correctly in the first place, in order to do this successfully.  Our programmers work hard to follow a strict set of rules when setting up your site.

SEO may be one of the most important aspects of your web site because that's how most people will find you - through a search - using search terms.

Make sure you provide us with a list of all search terms you believe your customers would use to find you or your competition. Following initial setup, we'll work with you to continue to optimize your SEO rankings.  This is aided by Web Analytics.


Analyzing your web traffic.

The return on investment of your web site does not have to be a mystery.  All kinds of information about the success you're achieving or not is readily available through website analytics.  There are several methods to achieving this.  We'll discuss this with you up front and setup these programs right from the start.

Web site analytics will give you insights to your web traffic.  You can see how much traffic you're getting, where it is coming from, who it is, what search terms they are using to find you, which pages they are spending the most time on, how often they end their visit on your contact page, what type of device they are using (e.g. mobile versus desktop), and much more.

This information can help us both determine how effective your website is working for you.  And that data will help us formulate an ongoing plan for improvement.

Our preferred choice for this is Google Analytics.