Our Services

Our services include one stop delivery of all steps required for a small business to increase sales through a professionally developed website and online market presence.

We do this by working with our clients to understand their business so we can build a website that works hard to compete with others in their industry online. Our teams consider and engage in all the many things that need to be done. Our company invests in staying abreast of evolving policies, practices, technologies and techniques. We do what is necessary. And that’s a lot!

Unfortunately, today the search engines are unforgiving. If small business doesn’t do what they tell them, they penalize them by sending your potential customers to their competitor’s site. That’s because they DID LISTEN to what they told them and they did it.

We don’t want you to miss out on increased sales revenues. There’s no need for that. We can help! We know what needs to be done and we do it. Our services cover it all.

The Full Range of Our Services

The range of services used in these projects included:

  1. Basic Design & Setup
  2. Online Branding
  3. Website SEO
  4. Mobile Readiness
  5. Website CMS
  6. Custom Programming
  7. Database Integration
  8. Email, Text, Alert Integration
  9. Advanced Programming
  10. Phone & Mobile Apps
  11. Hosting
  12. Security, Backups, Performance Tuning
  13. Establishing an Online Presence for client
  14. Managing Ongoing SEO for client
  15. Managing Internet and Email AD Campaigns for client
  16. Consulting to client on Technical & Marketing Strategies
  17. Doing Graphic Art Work for client

Our Advice Today

Today, we recommend business not only build a website, but also do the background work to attain and maintain a significant customer relations operation. That means using our online marketing services to:

  1. establish a full blown online presence,
  2. escalate SEO rankings, and
  3. use email marketing to continually reach out to customers.

Basic Design & Setup

The Basic Design & Setup of your website requires some work up front. First, we work with you to discuss your business, your corporate culture, your client base and your targeted demographics. We then go over your current marketing strategy with you including your intended growth plans, your delivery capacity and budget. Following that, we brain storm with you and discuss different approaches to your basic design. During this process, we’ll start to drive out ideas, expectations, branding goals and a timeline.

Online Branding

It’s important to think about how your business image is perceived online. What design elements do you use there to provide brand recognition? Additionally you want to make sure you are consistent with the same online branding strategy across mediums – not just your website.

Website SEO

Once completed, your website keywords must be optimized for search engine ranking. This practice is called website SEO which is short for Search Engine Optimization. This practice consists of doing all things necessary on your website and across the internet to get your site ranked well with the search engines. This will result in getting found much quicker than otherwise when someone is searching for your products or services.

Mobile Ready Sites

All our websites are mobile ready sites thanks to the “responsive” technologies we use. This means the website pages resixe, reorder and reshuffle automatically for every device used to view your website. So, a smart phone reshuffles to show one section. A desktop may show 4 or 5 sections at a time. A laptop might be somewhere in the middle.

Website CMS

Website CMS is also know as a website Content Management System. They are editors that allow web administrators to manage their web content once the site is implemented. This includes updating of websites pages, posts, settings, images, titles and more. It’s useful for those tasks that don’t require special programming skills.

Phone and Mobile Apps

Phone and Mobile Apps continue to grow in increasingly popular. More businesses, organizations, industries and groups are identifying opportunities to automate day-to-day processes in need of more automation and organization. These apps make complex life or work tasks much simpler to execute.

Emails Alerts Texts Notices

Staying in touch with customers, members, staff, etc. is sometimes challenging for a business. Often the best solution is to automate functions such as emails, alerts, texts, notices, chats and various other forms of instant communication to solve this once and for all. We achieve this automation through batch email submissions, email alerts, text alerts, chat functions and even phone apps connected to your database.

Database Integrations

In many cases the interfaces are between two or more databases residing on completely different platforms. In these cases, we study the data structures on both the sending and receiving ends before determining the required strategy. The resulting strategy sometimes includes a direct one-to-one mapping of fields.

Custom Software Development

Custom software development includes the ground up programming of one or more functions for your website. These functions may include: e-commerce functions, batch functions, data processing functions, interfaces, feeds, membership functions, social functions and so on.

Security Backups Performance

Security, backups and performance are critical elements in web hosting. Our top of the line hosting services take these things seriously so that our website customers never have to worry about their websites. Additionally, we provide a full line of high end hosting services to ensure that we are taking care of things that we know are also important.

Cloud Hosting and Monitoring

Cloud Hosting and monitoring may seem like they’re just something that magically happens in the background that requires little to no management. But they’re not. They’re a very important piece to your site’s security, restore capabilities, and performance. Our top of the line hosting services take these things seriously so that our website customers never have to worry about their websites.

Building an Online Presence

Building an online presence helps people online know who you are, where you are, what you do and how well you do it. To achieve this, we employ our exceptional analytical skills, research hours and guidance tools. We do so because we know that a positive reputation drives organic traffic to your site that will hopefully translate to lots of new customers.

SEO Management

Through our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management efforts, we establish and maintain your online business reputation. To achieve this, we employ our exceptional analytical skills, research hours and guidance tools. We do so because we know that a positive reputation drives organic traffic to your site that will hopefully translate to lots of new customers.

Internet and Email Ad Campaigns

Internet and email ad campaigns can really drive customers to your site to help increase sales. All you need to accomplish this is a little preparation. Your website needs to have some form of customer registration available. If you sell online this is already done. If you don’t, then you can setup a customer registration function that promises

Online E-Commerce Stores

Advanced website coding includes the development of one or more advanced functions for your website. These advanced functions may include: e-commerce routines and sales functions, membership registrations/imports/exports or auctioning functions. They may also include job board functions, social network functions and chat functions.

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