Our portfolio is an example of some of the work we’ve done over the years. It spans over time, industries, business size, complexity and so on.

Types of Clients

As shown in our portfolio below, Central Alberta Web Development, Inc. has built well over 300 websites since 2007. These websites range from simple basic websites to full blown business systems. The size, effort and budget has varied greatly from one to another depending on the complexity and range of services used in the project. This array of sites may look the same. But none are.

Our Advice Today

Today, we recommend business not only build a website, but also do the background work to attain and maintain a significant customer relations operation. That means using our online marketing services to:

  1. establish a full blown online presence,
  2. escalate SEO rankings, and
  3. use email marketing to continually reach out to customers.

Range of Services

The range of services used in these projects included:

  1. Basic Design & Setup
  2. Online Branding
  3. Website SEO
  4. Mobile Readiness
  5. Website CMS
  6. Custom Programming
  7. Database Integration
  8. Email, Text, Alert Integration
  9. Advanced Programming
  10. Phone & Mobile Apps
  11. Hosting
  12. Security, Backups, Performance Tuning
  13. Establishing an Online Presence for client
  14. Managing Ongoing SEO for client
  15. Managing Internet and Email AD Campaigns for client
  16. Consulting to client on Technical & Marketing Strategies
  17. Doing Graphic Art Work for client

Goals and Budgets

Each business had their own goals and budget. We worked with them to deliver the most services with the most impact possible given their business goals and budget constraints. We met with them, drew up plans and quotes and delivered to those quotes. When the client needed additional services beyond that, we drew up additional plans and quotes. Today, we continue to support many of these clients with ongoing services, as the internet and the world of web design continues to ebb and flow.

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